Blueberry farm near Gainesville, Starke, Lake City, and Ocala Florida providing Organic Blueberries

Welcome to the Blueberry Farm, the official web site of the Dead Creek Ranch blueberry farm. Our blueberries are some of the best around. Our customers are repeat customers because of the flavor of the berries. We want to ensure that when you leave our farm, you leave with the highest quality blueberries. I hope you will come to our farm and enjoy the bounty of our blueberries!

Location of this Blueberry Farm

The blueberry field is part of our family farm in Graham, Florida. Our farm is located on the Santa Fe River, near U.S. 301, about 6 miles from the Waldo Flea Market, 20 miles northeast of Gainesville, and 13 miles southwest of Starke.

Graham Plant Nursery

The Graham Plant Nursey has several blueberry plants, as well as others, that may be of interest to you. You can visit their Facebook page and get details about the nursery. Their telephone number is (904) 263-2032 if you'd like to give them a call.

Did You Know?

"Blueberries may reduce the build-up of so called "bad" cholesterol that contributes to cardiovascular disease and stroke, according to scientists at the University of California at Davis. Once again, antioxidants are believed to be the active component.

Blueberry Woman
Blueberry Woman
10818 SW 90th Street
Graham, FL 32042
Phone: (352) 225-1361

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